What is TaskMaster Spray?

Prevention for years

Taskmaster prevents corrosion on any metal, new or old, and prevents corrosion for years. Taskmaster Spray is a unique, no-drip formula that stays where you spray (even overhead) and actively penetrates through heavy rust and into seams, down into the metal. Taskmaster is durable and does not wash off with water or standard pressure washer use. Surface residue of Taskmaster can be removed by using mineral spirits or steam. Taskmaster lasts so long because it bonds at the ionic level with the good clean metal in your application. It is highly chemical resistant and does not allow condensation, saltwater, fertilizer or battery acid to penetrate its protective barrier.


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Easy to use!

Long term

Little or no surface preparation needed

Not affected by most acids and gases

Stays flexible will not harden and crack

Indefinite shelf life

Convenient packaging